Using Symbols to Create Clarity and Understanding

Tarot is an ancient art of esoteric card reading. People have consulted psychics and tarot card readers for hundreds of years in order to get a solution to their problems and get a glimpse into their future. Tarot cards are considered to be the most iconic tools of divination and they are designed to help us confront the unknown by sharpening our instincts.

The Tarot's origins remain a mystery to this day. It is believed that Tarot has appeared at the time of the late medieval period, before the Renaissance.

According to other theory, Tarot is based on ancient schools of Numerology or the Jewish Kabbalah. Whichever theory you believe in - keep in mind that the Tarot is associated with spirituality. Tarot cards can tell you a lot about yourself, but their true purpose is self-improvement. Tarot can help you connect to your true emotions and desires that are locked somewhere in your subconscious mind.

Symbol Meaning of Tarot

The symbol meanings of Tarot cards are very important for our interpretational process. Symbols are powerful and they serve as messages from our higher selves and the Universe. Symbols also help focus our attention on things we often tend to overlook and avoid. It is vital for us to recognize and understand the symbol meanings to assure a good reading of the cards.

A tarot reading is an extended examination of the symbols, and in the hands of a talented Tarot reader, it can be extremely powerful. Using images and symbols as our guides, we can bring conscious focus to our intuitive awareness and speed up the process of finding the words that describe what we desire.

There are 78 cards in a deck of Tarot and each one of them has a specific meaning. The process of Tarot card reading is known as synchronicity and the choice of a Tarot card is exactly what your higher self already knows. The symbols found in Tarot should be interpreted within the context of an individual reading because their meanings may vary. Understanding the meanings of these symbols is beneficial to interpreting what the Tarot cards reveal.

Here are some of the most common symbols used in Tarot:


Angels in Tarot symbolize divine messages. Angels are considered to be messengers of important information through subtle signs.


Arches symbolize openings, hallways, and initiations. In a Tarot reading, the arch symbolizes a new direction for us.


The blindfold in a Tarot card means that we are unable to see things clearly. The blindfold represents an unwillingness to recognize the truth or inability to accept the facts. However, it can also be a sign that something is being hidden from us.


The butterfly symbolizes transformation and indicates a change in the thoughts of the querent.


Cats represent psychic ability, unseen energy, and awareness. The appearance of cats in Tarot reading means to be alert and aware of your circumstances.


Children symbolize hope, new beginnings, promise, and new ideas. When they show up on the Tarot cards it could mean the beginning of a new journey or a new beginning.


The dog signifies honesty, loyalty, and trust. In a Tarot reading the dog means that we are heading in the right direction because it symbolizes stability and righteousness.


The dove is a symbol of hope, purity, and aspiration. Featured on the Tarot cards, the dove is a promising symbol.


Fire is seen as a symbol of creative and destructive power. In Tarot card reading, fire represents a test of faith or measure of one's purity.


The flag is an obvious sign that a big change is coming.


Grapes is a fruit of the Earth that symbolizes fertility, blessing and abundance.


Globes symbolize comprehension. Seen on a Tarot card, they indicate that we will soon achieve our goals and that we have the whole world at our fingertips.


The hammer represents a vocation or completing a task. It can also symbolize force and masculinity.


The heart is the symbol of love and affection but is also a symbol of courage, truth, and conscience. In Tarot, the heart means that we must be mindful of our own center of existence.


Ice symbolizes separation, isolation, patience, and distance. Ice is used in the Tarot to portray a time of deep observation or a process of growth.


Keys represent discovery, opportunity, and knowledge. When keys appear on Tarot cards, it means that we need to ask if we feel something is being locked away from us.


Lizard symbolizes renewal, vision and rebirth. The lizard reminds us that big results come from small but conscious efforts.


The lion represents strength, courage, protection, and royalty. When the lion appears on the cards we are encouraged to become stronger and protective of others.


The moon symbolizes the passage of time, reflection, change and femininity. When the moon appears in our readings, it is a sign to consider our level of self-awareness and a reminder to listen to our intuition.


Ocean symbolizes infinite possibilities. When this symbol appears in the cards, it reminds us to relax and allow the Universe to work its magic.


Pillars mean finding balance in any given situation.The pillar in a Tarot reading tell us that it's time to consider matters of tact, diplomacy, balance, and strategy.


Rain symbolizes cleansing and washing away the old in order to accept the new.


The rose symbolizes purity and beauty and it is a reminder that we must appreciate the beauty around us.


The ship represents a personal journey or travelling. When this symbol appears on the cards, it is a reminder to take into consideration where our thoughts are traveling.


The snake symbolizes rebirth, renewal and development. Snakes tell us that we must be adaptive and a little more flexible in life in order to allow further growth.


Triangle was considered as a symbol of intelligence in Ancient Egypt. This symbol also indicates the capacity for love and represents creativity and balance.


This is typically considered to be the symbol of victory, peace and purification. The wreath reminds us that the favor of the Gods is upon us and that we shall be the winners in this stage of our lives.


Water is the symbol of emotion and the subconscious, which means that waterfalls deal with the constant running movement of our emotions. The waterfall is a sign that we must not let our emotions run away from us.